3 Software For Blogging That Every Blogger Should Use

3 Software For Blogging That Every Blogger Should Use

Writing and managing a blog requires a huge effort. Whether it be a personal blog or a professional one, there are several tasks that need to be performed regularly to keep it engaging and working.

Gone are the days when you used to write articles and acquire traffic to your blog. Nowadays a blogger faces several challenges both from the competitors and others.

3 Software For Blogging You Should Use In Your Blog

In this post I will share 3 such important software that every blogger should use to keep his/her blog safe and engaging.

This software can be categorized into three main sections, namely

  1. Security Software
  2. Writing Software
  3. Lead Generation Software

Let’s start.

Security Software

1. Security Software:

Do you have a blog that has already started generating some revenue? Congratulations on your success.

But do you know that there are several hackers and bots that are constantly trying to break your security and gain access to your website?

If you run a blog of any magnitude, you should be aware of the threats that it possibly can face.

I face more than 300 brute force attacks everyday on my website. This is terrible considering the fact that real traffic on my website is slightly more than that.

So, you need to protect your asset very carefully.

You can use the following instructions to keep them safe.

  • Encrypt your data so that it becomes difficult to read by third-parties.
  • Limit login access to the backend of your blog using security software like sucuri.
  • Use a strong password combining alpha, numeric and special characters. Avoid any kind of dictionary and easily predictable words.
  • Avoid advertising blogging hosting platforms or CMS on your website.
  • Backup your data regularly. There are several backup software both free and paid in the market. You should use any trustworthy name. I don’t use any automatic software but I backup my data after publishing an article.
Writing Software

2. Writing Software :

Your content is the main ingredient that attracts readers. If you want to establish yourself as a problogger, your articles should reflect the quality of your writing.

It needs to be simple, resourceful, and engaging.

A well-written content establishes your authority. However, writing such content is not easy. It needs practice and patience.

There are several writing assistants and grammar checking software for blogging like Grammarly, ProWritingAid available in the market which can help you to write better articles by correcting grammatical mistakes and style mismatch in real-time.

With these tools you can improve your writing quality significantly. However, they won’t write your article. So, you should focus more on your personal development and research.

Lead Generation Software

3. Lead Generation Software:

One of the main reasons for starting a blog is earning money. If your focus is not on that, you may leave now.

Several websites use advertisements as the primary source of revenue. However, there are some websites which focus on affiliate marketing as the primary source of income.

Lead generation software for blogging is especially important for the affiliate blogs. They are sometimes called popup, or exit-intent software.

OptinMonster, Optimonk are two such popular software.

This software uses special codes to track the movement of the mouse and when a user tries to abandon the site without performing any tasks they appear with some offer to stop the user.

If used properly, they can help improve the conversion rate and thus improve the revenue generation per user.


Blogging is more than just writing content. There are several important activities that need to be performed regularly. In this article, I have tried to focus on some of such activities that every successful blogger should follow.

I hope this information will be helpful for you.

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